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Efficient & Effective management of Human Capital

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Elimination of Revenue Leakage in Distribution Network and Increase Market Presence


Streamline Retail Network with more than 250+ stores across country with Reduced risks


Vendor Management for factories where multiple contractors providing staff in shifts


Retail & Marketing

Geo-spread, Distributor Networks, Low skill resources and local compliances makes the operations complex and people management expensive. We transformed various cash distributed and non-compliant organizations to standardized & efficient workforce management companies.


Agriculture & Chemicals

Payroll Outsourcing at single point for PAN INDIA LOCATIONS.

We pioneer this sector and associate with most of industry players in area of Insecticides, Pesticides and FMCG products. We understand our customer’s seasonal needs, rural reach and cost-effective requirements. We’re proud to have customer retention rate of 100% for this industry.



Local Compliances, manpower availability, regulations and on-site support are our key drivers in delivering temporary staffing for Manufacturing Sector. We built Vendor Management & Super Contractor models to deliver effective shop-floor operations with least break-downs and hassles.


Banking & Finance

Various financial institutions have outsourced non-core staff to maintain balance between cost and efficiency.
Skill Assessment and domain knowledge becomes critical factor managing these sectors. High level of technology is also expected by such business houses.


Logistics & Services

We maintain large banks of resources to fulfil high attrition and scalability requirements.
We also provide various resource tracking and performance monitoring tools in form of web portals and mobile applications.
We handle their Insurance & Claim settlement processes through various partners.


Telecom, Energy & Engineering

We manage various engineering site with technical skills and onsite supervision of staff.
We address the need of bench management, shift operations, hiring and local compliances through our highly standardized,
integrated and automated staffing processes.
We depute onsite recruitment teams to manage technical hiring and data.