Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment
Search Capability across domains, industries and geographies

Eternal HR provides complete recruitment solutions on Contractual basis at all levels i.e. Junior, Middle & Senior Management Levels.

We are equipped to handle the most complex search assignments as we are staffed with a team of experts having the background, knowledge and experience to find out right candidate for the right job. We deliver more value for money and we value our relationships.


  • COMPANY will provide job description of the requirement(s) before the commencement of any search.
  • ETERNAL HR will initiate the search and will scrutinize and recommend the suitable candidates for the said position to COMPANY for interviews and discussions. Along with the recommendation, ETERNAL HR shall also be providing information regarding the candidate’s background (experience, salary etc).
  • COMPANY after the preliminary rounds of the interview/discussion shall provide the feedback to ETERNAL HR in terms of the suitability of the candidate. The feedback could be in the nature of ‘rejected’, ‘on hold’ or ‘suitable for appointment’.
  • ETERNAL HR has full right over any other agency (recruiting services) if ETERNAL HR has sent the candidate’s CV on any date prior to any other agency and COMPANY will have to honour /make payment in respect of the Agency’s invoice for that selected candidate on joining.
  • After the selection of the candidate COMPANY will issue an offer letter in the name of the selected candidate indicating the salary details, benefits, terms of employment and approximate date of joining and COMPANY will send a copy of appointment letter or offer letter with CTC details to the agency.
  • Once your COMPANY has taken the contact detail of any candidate from Eternal HR Services Private Limited or if he/she has been invited for an interview, through our Resource Department, such candidate(s) if selected by your COMPANY will be in Eternal HR Services Private Limited account exclusively.
  • Agree on fixed rate with customers
  • Hire resources on Eternal HR roles and outsource them to customers as Temp Staff
  • Manage all HR related issues and compliance applicable
  • Single Billing for all kind of Payouts, Compliances & Taxes applicable in managing temp staff