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Efficient and Effective

Management of Human Capital

A comprehensive workforce management solution allowing companies to concentrate on core business functions with multi-layered and geographically spread operations

  • Nice Concept Good to see this app which can save a whole lot of time & effort. It work independently with rich features.

    Niladri Sekhar Pal
  • Very nice application. GPS Tracking & BioMetric Integration is awesome.

    Amit Nain
  • It made us easy managing 1000+ permanent and temporary employees across businesses and locations.

    Rohit Nanda
  • Flexible reporting and detailed information help us manage queries of our employees …

    Ashish Kumar
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Eternal HR is providing outsourced manpower services across industries and sectors for more than 200 locations in India. We manage end-to-end Human Resource services and ensure high compliance and cost-effectiveness to employers. We are engaged with various large brands, start-ups, greenfield projects, turkey assignments and large corporate houses. We also manage thousands of employees in unskilled & blue-collar jobs.

Retail & Marketing

Geo-spread, Distributor Networks, Low skill resources and local compliances makes the operations complex and people management expensive. We transformed various cash distributed and non-compliant organizations to standardized & efficient workforce management companies.

Agriculture & Chemicals

We pioneer this sector and associate with most of industry players in area of Insecticides, Pesticides and FMCG products. We understand our customer’s seasonal needs, rural reach and cost-effective requirements. We’re proud to have customer retention rate of 100% for this industry.


Local Compliances, manpower availability, regulations and on-site support are our key drivers in delivering temporary staffing for Manufacturing Sector. We built Vendor Management & Super Contractor models to deliver effective shop-floor operations with least break-downs and hassles.

Banking & Finance

Various financial institutions have outsourced non-core staff to maintain balance between cost and efficiency. Skill Assessment and domain knowledge becomes critical factor managing these sectors. High level of technology is also expected by such business houses.

Logistics & Services

We maintain large banks of resources to fulfil high attrition and scalability requirements. We also provide various resource tracking and performance monitoring tools in form of web portals and mobile applications. We handle their Insurance & Claim settlement processes through various partners.

Telecom, Energy & Engineering

We manage various engineering site with technical skills and onsite supervision of staff. We address the need of bench management, shift operations, hiring and local compliances through our highly standardized, integrated and automated staffing processes. We depute onsite recruitment teams to manage technical hiring and data.

CTRL-HR can be implemented in different flavours and multi-departmental structures. It can be used in Payroll Management, Outsourcing, Application, third-party integration or Managed Service Programs. Simple architecture allows us to manage your processes the way you want.

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    Staffing Services

    Integrated with Back-End App for AR/AP

    Application is implemented for all customers of Staffing Services to provide Employee information, Payment details, Billing Information, Compliance Computaions, Incident status and Expenses. Reporting is configured as per customers' cost centers, geographical presence and other reporting structures.

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    Payroll Management

    End-to-End Online Process

    Thousands of employees are processed every month using this tool and deliver timely payrolling. Tools like Investment Declarations, Income Tax Planners, Online Reimbursments, GPS Attendance tracking and flexible reporting help organizations concentrate on core businesses. New modules are relaesed every three months.

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    Cloud Access

    Software As A Service

    CTRL-HR can also be used as Cloud application for self management of your HR Processes. We configure your processes, implement, train and support throughout your life span of application. All customization requests are considered for standard product development which enrich the overall features for entire customer base.

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Web Design

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