Eternal HR Eternal HR provides Staffing Services to address the manpower challenges faced during growth, project launch, business expansion, channel expansion, acquisitions, mergers, slowdowns & fast changing business needs. We provide a stable platform which holds your people the same way during different phases of your business. We partner organizations in their business & growth strategies and deliver freedom from Human Resource Management issues.

Our employees are spread across 200+ locations in country and rapidly growing. We’re bringing approx. 500 new employees on our roles every month deputed at various organizations.

Eternal HR expertise in managing up-scaling and down-scaling of staff, payouts across geographies, central and state compliances and all administrative processes. We use technology to its best advantage and delivers cost advantage to our customers. We keep ourselves up to the changing legal scenario and safeguard our customers’ risks. We extract value out of our relationship and prove constantly through our services. We deliver trust and a complete return on your investment.

Eternal HR specialize sourcing people for flexi-business on demand basis in short span of time. We maintain large database of profiles on which we work with our customers.
Eternal HR follows a standard screening process for employees which can be enhanced with support of partners.

Eternal HR offer manpower On-Demand basis, whereas we maintain resource pool to work on temporary basis, project basis, part time basis and consultancy basis. This allows our customer to use services of these resources only whenever required. This concept of employment is picking-up widely and accepted by Professional Community. We have successfully delivered people in all business segments on short notice and high quality.