Professionals are trending towards taking delivery oriented and project based assignments instead of full-time employment. Professionals are also exploring options of taking task based temporary assignments and remain flexible. It is also beneficial for organizations to hire professionals on demand and on staffing to avoid long term commitments. Professional staffing provides your company with the peopleof professional skills you need – just when you need.

Hiring a professional requires proper assessment of skills, experience and career aspirations of candidate. Since options available in professional segment are low and demand is high, it becomes difficult for organizations to attract resources and retain them.

Eternal HR has developed large database over the time on various domain specializations and professional skills. Even on niche kind of job requirements, we maintain network and channels to source relevant resources. Resources are registered with us on demand and understand the benefits of working on demand. We offer various payment models suiting customers’ needs. Eternal HR has specialized in Professional Staffing and Project Staffing and offering resources on short term assignments on demand. We also have capabilities to take turnkey assignments of a project and convert entire manpower requirement into Project Staffing model and develop a fixed cost model instead of long-term working capital.