Eternal HR Provides Temporary Workforce for executing Time Bound or Short-term projects & assignments in different locations of India.

Benefits of Temporary Staffing through Eternal HR are:

  • Scaling up or Scaling down as per project requirement becomes easier.
  • No shortage of desired profiles for the project
  • Huge Risk coverage- Financial, Manpower, Brand & Compliance
  • Local resources without language constrains are provided
  • ROI management of the entire project
  • Single Point coordination for All India Locations

Eternal HR facilitates the company with resources for In shop Promotion activities like demonstrating the product category he assigned to the customers, Explain the USPs , features and benefits, Influence the customer with sales push and convert to sale, Achieve the sales target which is pre-set Sales/ stock reporting as and when required, Counter feedback with following MIS/ Analytical tools.

  • Merchandising Activities analysis
  • Their Daily attendance Capturing
  • Daily Primary Sales Capturing & stock Management