Eternal HR Provides Temporary Workforce for executing Time Bound or Short-term projects & assignments in different locations of India.

Benefits of Temporary Staffing through Eternal HR are:

  • Scaling up or Scaling down as per project requirement becomes easier.
  • No shortage of desired profiles for the project
  • Huge Risk coverage- Financial, Manpower, Brand & Compliance
  • Local resources without language constrains are provided
  • ROI management of the entire project
  • Single Point coordination for All India Locations

Deputation of Trained Professionals as per company’s requirements. Features of this programme:

  • Free Mobilization of Resources as per company’s requirement
  • Free Customization of Training Programmes & Modules as per company’s requirement.
  • Free Pre-Screening through Computer tests & other evaluation parameters as per company’s requirement
  • Issuing of LOI to shortlisted candidates by the company
  • Registration of shortlisted candidates for Training
  • Training of Resources with relevant topics required for Job
  • Joining of candidates in the company on completion of Training Programme
  • Option to companies of Hiring Employees on Company’s roles or Eternal HR’s roles.
  • Training of Resources with relevant topics required for Job

Any skill which is not company’s specialization should be hired on temporary basis. Eternal HR specializes in providing resources on temporary basis under Temp Staffing vertical. Under this process we perform following activities:

  • Understand company’s functional needs and define a comprehensive Job description.
  • List down sourcing channels which are relevant and appropriate to find proper skill and experience.
  • Define the screening process and also assessment criteria (if any)
  • Screen and Shortlist candidates at our level
  • Provide appropriate candidates to companies for final screening
  • Discuss the temporary nature of job and negotiate the contract
  • Agree on fixed rate with customers
  • Hire resources on Eternal HR roles and outsource them to customers as Temp Staff
  • Manage all HR related issues and compliance applicable
  • Single Billing for all kind of Payouts, Compliances & Taxes applicable in managing temp staff
Temp / Contract Staffing can be done for any period of requirement starting from 30 days and above.

Our Temp Staffing vertical holds thousands of employees under varied skill sets working across 200+ locations in India and rapidly growing. We specialize in PAN India Staffing and management of resources under different regions and reporting managers.